Same or Different? is a routine that provides students opportunities to construct arguments when comparing objects, such as numbers or shapes. Check out this video from the Teaching Channel to see it in action.

As Elham Kazemi and Allison Hintz talk about in their book Intentional Talk, students need to learn what and how to share. A routine like Same or Different? provides accessible opportunities for even our youngest students to learn how to talk about various features of mathematical objects – quantity, shape, color, orientation, and arrangement, to name a few.

After I mentioned the routine at an #ElemMathChat in late August, several teachers tweeted at me wondering if a site exists that shares images to use in the Same or Different? routine. Thanks to the power of the #MTBoS and #iteachmath community, images were shared left and right over the weekend and this site was born just a few days later. (Special thanks to Graham Fletcher for the nudge to get it up and running.)

We look forward to hearing about your experiences engaging your students in supporting mathematical argument in elementary school! Tweet out your thoughts and pictures to #samediffmath so we can all learn together. If you’d like to contribute an image for the site, tweet it at me (@bstockus) and let me know it’s okay to post here.

– Brian Bushart